Popular Menu Items

What are people ordering at AYCE Sushi HB?

Itadakimasu! (Translation:  Let’s Eat)


We get asked this a lot so here it is.  Red cap = Ponzu Sauce.  Green Cap = Soy.



Shimp tempura

Shrimp tempura comes 4 to an order with tempura dipping sauce.  They are fried to order and immediately served for maximum crunch.

This is a popular menu item for kids…and adults.

Baked Mussels

Baked mussels are a popular appetizer to start your meal.   Our mussels are topped with our house made dynamite sauce and then baked until they turn golden brown.

Also try the Heart Attack (Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers ) and the Sashimi Salad.



All the fish served for sushi starts with sashimi grade fish.  It’s the best quality fish that is prepared especially for sashimi.  We slice our sashimi a little thicker than usual for our customers to enjoy the fish.  Besides, that’s how we like to eat sashimi too.  That’s fresh wasabi in case you’re wondering.

Nigiri Sushi


We’re all about low carb here.  No, seriously.  We serve our sushi with a smaller than usual amount of rice.  We also serve a bigger portion of fish.  We did that on purpose because we want our customers to taste a little bit of everything without feeling like they…ate everything.

Salmon Sashimi

Excuse the dirty plate, but just look at that piece of salmon sushi. This is the kind of sushi that we like to eat. So this is the sushi that we serve our customers.

It’s melt in your mouth good!  I’m going to have a few more pieces as I finish this post. #sorrynotsorry


Kiss me

LA DodgersWe have a variety of tasty rolls for you to try.  Most of our rolls are either 4 or 6 pieces, not 8. Why? So our customers can try more rolls without filling up.

Our rolls are broken down into 5 types: Cut, Specialty Cut, Baked, Tempura, and No-Rice Specialty Rolls.


That’s right. We have no-rice specialty rolls.  Some customer favorites include Kiss Me Roll (pictured above), Fantastic Four, and the cucumber-wrapped Sexy Rolls.

Some other favorite specialty rolls include the Ex-Boyfriend, Ex-Girlfriend, and the Burrito roll. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of those rolls. You’re going to have to come in and try it for yourself.

There are so many other rolls to write about, but my stomach is throwing in the towel. We look forward to serving you some great sushi and sashimi at AYCE Sushi HB.